Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do You "Get What You Pay For" in a Cable?

The question is, does this rule apply to cables? To some extent it certainly does, but not in the same way as a television.
When we go out to buy a TV or computer, we can compare specifications, performance, picture quality, speed, etc.
When we buy a cable the same isn't always true.
Most of the materials and processes that drive up cost in cable manufacturing are underneath the exterior that we all see.
Evaluating these aspects of an assembly will require lab testing and tearing into a cable.

So how do you know which cable is the best value? Most people find it hard to believe that a cable that sells online for 15 dollars could be the same quality as a cable that sells in stores for 200 dollars.
Most of the "high end" cables found in retail stores are sold by what we like to call "marketing companies".
This means that not only does the manufacturing company have to make a profit on the sale, but also the large company has to mark up the cable from the manufacturers price to cover all of their marketing costs.
So where should someone buy a cable to know they are getting the best value.
Because they don't spend money on advertising and distribution, the only costs they have to cover are manufacturing, transport, and the relatively small amount of cost involved in operating an online store.
You may have to sacrifice the convenience of buying at a retail outlet, but the money saved is usually worth it for most consumers.
At some price point you do begin to sacrifice quality in a cable.
There's also a cost involved with warranties, does the cable come with a 1 year warranty? A lifetime warranty? No warranty? After sale support is another major cost in cable sales and can play a part in the initial cost of the cable.

Why Are Your Prices So High? -- because quality does indeed cost money to make, and most generic cable assemblies cost so little to import that they retail for less than the cost of high quality cable assemblies that come with a lifetime warranty and a company who stands behind their product.

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