Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five Things to understand regarding the important Housewives of Orange County Season Seven!

Ready for a few drama?

The Real Housewives of Orange County are back and that we cannot wait to envision what's happening within the O.C this season, (though we're looking on some catfights).

With the assistance of Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow, we're jumpstarting the RHOC action with a tease of what you have got to appear forward to the present season (which begins Tuesday, February seven at nine p.m.).

1. Double-D Downsizing: Tamra's thirty four double-D implants are gone and she or he is completely okay with it. "It's been one in all the most effective things I actually have ever exhausted my life. I feel lots additional assured while not my implants. [With my implants] I felt like [my chest] was the primary factor everyone checked out." No duh, she's 5'4" and had thirty four double-D's—it's exhausting to not look! currently that her chest isn't any longer the middle of attention we've a sense her beau Eddy are going to be an even bigger focus.

2. New woman on the Block: This season, there's a recent face within the bunch, Heather Dubrow, wife to a Newport Beach (shocker!) plastic surgeon. "When I 1st met her I really thought she was a bit pretentious. I really used the precise words that 'I suppose she had a stick up her ass,'" said Gretchen. Wow, Gretch, to a small degree harsh! Tamra added, "I was a bit bit worried that she wasn't progressing to slot in with the cluster, as a result of she was thus nice, thus elegant and nevertheless thus elegant. And with the ladies on the show, we do not invariably roll like that." Heather admits, "I would say out of everybody Alexis and that i have had some friction, [but] i used to be pleasantly shocked how we have a tendency toll we all got along." Play nice, ladies. Oh wait, this is often the important Housewives!

3. Love and War: Gretchen takes on the recently divorced housewife Vicki and also the fireworks simply keep flying! Gretchen's problems with Vicki stem from the actual fact that, "Vicki had lots to mention regarding [her BF] Slade and regarding his kid support issues…I simply feel like she was being a hypocrite—[her new boyfriend] had the same state of affairs as Slade nevertheless she was still terribly judgmental towards Slade." All is honest in love and war, however the gloves are off and it's progressing to get ugly.

4. Gretchen and Tamra, BFFs?! "It was time to create a bridge and acquire over it. within the method of doing that we have a tendency to realized we actually like one another," said Tamra once multiple seasons of fighting with Gretchen. "I knew that the sole thanks to move forward was simply to forgive and raise for forgiveness. it's become a really true and authentic friendship," said Gretchen. Aww...how cute. Hope it lasts. Still, if they are not fighting, who is?

5. Bye-Bye Don: what is a season of Real Housewives while not some boy drama? This season it's all regarding Vicki and her divorce from Don. "I do not know if the show had something to try and do with the collapse of [Vicki's] wedding," said Tamra, "I grasp that it puts strain on your relationship, no doubt." Gretchen added, "If the link is struggling, i feel that the cameras would possibly hone in on problems that you just have already got. The cameras do not lie." Sadly, their vow renewal could not save their relationship, except for the audience it's safe to mention that boy toys are far more fun to look at.

Bonus—Beauty Tips: GTD! (Gym, Tan, Doctor!) want a replacement thanks to achieve the proper housewife body and overall look? keep on with the housewife beauty tips, that embody Gretchen's secret: "Always have a tan." Or Tamra's go-to, "For me, it's health and fitness." And you cannot forget Heather's recommendation, "My best tip is go see Dr. Dubrow (her plastic surgeon hubby)." Who knew the Housewives had most in common with the children from Jersey Shore? GTD and GTL appear fairly shut, simply saying!